Important things you must know about Medicare Advantage Plans

Are you planning to switch to Medicare Advantage Plans, if yes, be aware that there are certain times only when one is permitted to change. You can get enrolled in the initial coverage period that is the same seven months period that makes you Medicare eligible for the first time.

Do you have Medicare program, the rights and protections and get Part A and B coverage.  Typically, the costs going as out-of-pocket are less in Medicare Advantage plans, thus make it the most cost effective plan for you.

Here are few important things of Medicare Advantage plans worth knowing at

  • Joining Medicare Advantage plans is possible only at certain times in a year and mostly a plan is enrolled for a period of 12 months.
  • Joining Medicare Advantage plans on having conditions pre-existing is possible, but for renal disease at the end-stages.
  • Follow the rules of a plan such as getting to see a specialist or a referral in the network of the plan so that you keep your costs low. It is time you check with plans properly before getting enrolled.
  • The Medicare Advantage Plans such a PPOs and HMOs have a network list of health care providers or doctors, where you receive the cover for services and enjoy less costs.
  • Providers can leave or join the provider network during a year at anytime or change providers, choosing a new provider.
  • Medicare Advantage plans do not charge over the Original Medicare for services offered for dialysis, chemotherapy and skilled nursing care.
  • In case the plan stops in Medicare, you must join another health plan of Medicare or get back to the Original Medicare.

Are you looking for some Medicare plans; it is best to ask 3 questions prior to choosing a plan.

  • What are the costs that I need to pay for the services and supplies as my share?
  • Is there a network of providers offering all or some service types? This is essential to know because if the providers are not in the network plan anymore, they may accept the plan, but you may end paying more.
  • Do the Original Medicare offer benefits such as hearing, vision, prescription drug or dental coverage. In case the Medicare Advantage plans you choose fail to provide drug coverage, you must acquire the coverage by taking Part D Medicare to enjoy the coverage of prescription drugs.